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Website Day

[Owner] Rulz OWNER posted Jan 14, 15
I've decided to add another 60 days to our website. The first 30 days I purchased counted as anonymous for some reason but next 30 will say Rulz. So yeah enjoy :)
[Admin] kathan1 AdminGumLeaderDonator
kathan1 @ s50.hosthorde.com:25617

[2014-10-12] Finally open again

[Dev] bai1 Developer posted Oct 12, 14
Yes we are open now.

After a large period of figuring out our hackers, communicating an agreement and then server damage analysis and restoration, we are finally back open.

But there are changes, and I'll explain those to you now.

New world
Due to a severe amount of data corruption we were forced to create a new world. The corruption extent is entirely unknown however is severe enough to cause crashes when players join.

Pokemon reset
Pokemon were also corrupted, so we've reset them all. Donators WILL get their donation Pokemon back, however we need verification of purchase BEFORE we return the Pokemon, otherwise you will NOT get it. This can be given to us via /msg or a forum PM, your choice.

Essentials userdata reset
Again the result of corruption. All your old homes are gone (makes sense with the world change imo).

We are now open!
Join @ s50.hosthorde.com:25617

~RulzPixelmon staff

Awesome News

[Owner] Rulz OWNER posted Aug 11, 14
I have some awesome news. Actually its better than awesome :D. I would like to say that I just payed for 6 months of the server. So what that means is that the server is going to last for another 6 months :D. So I'm gonna take this minute to say to Noble, In your fucking face. You said we wouldn't last another 2 months. But guess what? Its another 6? Haha. Well that's all y'all. Thank You to EVERYONE that donated. We raised over 200 bucks in less than a week which is awesome! So again Thank You :D
Id just like to add its everyone all players members donators staff gym leader etc who makes what we are as this awesome community and im happy to see that this community lives on and yea Noble you take a step back and appreciate small stuff in life and realize that nothing is impossible. This community is the best :D ~Cookie
Noble222 x Rulz I didn't say that I said that I doubted but I knew there was a chance -.- honestly tho srsly unspent 600 bucks to d ...
Noble222 x Man I love being the new toxic ...
Noble222 x Lol u spent 600 bucks to prove me wrong dude u could of bought and xbox with that money lol the immaturity is amazing