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Server Pixelmon 3.1.4!!

[COwner] Ahcookieman CoOwnerElite4 posted Jul 15, 14
Thanks to tizzletimmz3 or better known as Tizz we have successfully updated to Pixelmon 3.1.4 so hopefully that takes away most of the battle glitches and the server will crash less often. The IVs/EVs SideMod is still on the server too so thanks to our community for staying with us and have fun :D.
Thank You For Reading
TheNuttyCrafter YO cookie I cant connect but ill try fix it by next week or a moth or so ...
iGamerBoy4 Why Server Closed? Please Re-Open It ._. :///
[Help] xyricon Helper Less often ....

Point System

tac0 posted Jun 15, 14
We will be implementing a Point System in the Donation Store.

What The Point System Is :

Website points are similar to virtual currency or reputation, and can be earned or purchased using a variety of methods. The benefit of using points is that is promotes website activity, good behavior, and gives the user a more rewarding experience and goal to work toward. Points are accumulated per user account, and can be later used to purchase actual items on your store in place of currency.

If you purchase items in the Donation Store, you could receive these "Points" and they can assist you in purchasing items in the Donation Store. You could also receive points by "Reputation". If you get enough positive votes you can receive a fixed amount of points. The amount of Points you receive is what we make it. So you could receive up to 1 or 100. I hope everyone enjoys this new feature once it is added. 1 Point Equals 1 Dollar on the Website Store.

How To Earn Points.

1. You Can Get Points By Voting For The Server. 1 Point Per Vote
2. You Can Get Points By Buying Ranks In The Shops Buy Real Money. You Get Half Of The Money You Donate With Points. More Stuff You Buy With PayPal More Points You Get.
3. We Will Add More Ways To Get Points In The Future. For Example Follow Someone On Twitter For 5 Points.

atkas_atlas tac0 the point system doesn't work for meh
[T-Mod] kathan1 tmodGumLeader Also in events, you guys can give away points (just a suggestion)
[Help] AbdullahAly Helper If you have a cracked minecraft, this doesn't apply to you?

Guide For New Players :)

[Owner] Rulz OWNER posted May 11, 14
Hello and Welcome to RulzPixelmon. Thank you for joining us and I hope you like us and play regularly here but is this your first time playing Pixelmon on a server? If it is I hope this guide can help you out to try and make the best start possible here.

Leveling Up Your Pokémon.
Ok you have chose your starter pokemon and its only level 5 but everyone has higher levels than you so you will be battered in your first battle and the thing is you don't want to start with a loss you want to win your first battle. So how can I do this go to a Forrest or a Ocean to fight caterpies, weedles, kakuna, metapod and magikarp because these pokemon are always low level and with barely any attacks so take advantage of this and get easy Exp to level up your starter pokemon and that opens up opportunities for you to now fight level 10-20 depending how much you have levelled up your pokemon and maybe even catch a pokemon to boost your team. Once you have levelled up your pokemon to a respectable level go for that first player vs player battle and test your battling skills out with a player that has similar pokemon in their party at a similar level.

Low Level Pokemon To Catch
So now that your pokemon is at that respectable level we now need to add more pokemon to your party but we want pokemon that are strong when evolved and can really be good for the team.
Pokemon Where It Spawns
Beldum ExtremeHills
Abra Forrest
Machop ExtremeHills
Larvesta ExtremeHills, Desert
Bagon ExtremeHills
Dratini River, Ocean
These are just some of the low level pokemon who can become really strong but lets see how we can use them and the best way to catch them

Beldum: Beldum is a difficult one to catch as its catch rate is the same as Legendary Pokemon but its final evolution Metagross is worth having in your team with very high attack and defense only being weak to Fire and Ground. The best strategy to catch Beldum is to use a Masterball but it could be a waste, Try to catch it with an UltraBall which is quite difficult and unless your lucky it might take about 10 trys to finally catch him, The best solution in my opinion is to wait for Night and catch it with a DuskBall.

Abra: Abra is very easy to catch except for 1 problem whenever you go near it, it will teleport away so if you see one try to throw your pokemon on too it then use a Greatball or if that fails a Ultraball and you should be guaranteed to catch it. To get its final evolution Alakazam you must get your Kadabara and trade with somebody you trust then once it evolves ask the player for it back and viola you have a alakazam. If you don't feel like you trust a Member you can always ask a member of staff to help.

Machop: Again Machop is very easy to find and capture a Greatball or a Ultraball should catch it just nicely. Level it up to a Machoke at level 28 then again ask somebody you trust or a member of staff to trade with you to evolve your Machoke into a Machamp.

Larvesta: Larvesta is not a rare pokemon but its not a walk in the park to find, but when you do encounter it be sure to use a Ultraball on it after weakening it because if you decide to level it up to level 59 then you will get the beast pokemon Volcarona which is Fire, Bug. Volcarona is a menace in Sp Attack and its Speed is good too.

Bagon: Bagon is quite rare to find but it can be easier if more than 5 people are in the ExtremeHills biome but if you run into it even if you don't want to use it in your team catch it because people will be willing to pay $1000 - $3000 Money for it. So the best option is to use a Ultraball or a Levelball. Its Final Evolution Salamence is a beast for Speed and Attack although it doesn't learn Outrage its Dragon Claw can be deadly

Dratini: Again Dratini is rare to find and like Bagon and again still catch it if you don't want it because you could sell it for $1000 - $5000. The best balls to catch Dratini is either a UltraBall LevelBall or a DiveBall. Its Final Evolution Dragonite is also a monster in attack also can learn outrage but its speed is not as good as salamences.
Having trouble catching rare pokemon or killing them accidently then buy Tm False Swipe from the store for $800

How To Make Money
There are multiple ways to make money on the server firstly what I explained in the beginning by killing Caterpie Weedle and Magikarp sell the drops you get in that case Fish and String which sell for $15 for every 1 fish or string so say you get about 30 of each that's $900 so do this for about an hour then you could make a lot of cash. Boss Pokemon also spawn in the server if you defeat a boss pokemon they will reward you with items such as tms pokeballs hold items etc. But Tms sell in the shop for $400 each so say if you get 3 tms from a boss that's $1200 so always be out on the lookout for bosses.

Gyms And Elite 4
Yes we also have gyms in this server and Elite 4 so I will guide you through the first 2 gyms and tell you about the Elite 4.
Rock Gym, 
The Rock gym in my opinion is one of the toughest gyms because its the first gym and you have to take down 2 Very Offensive Pokemon with your 2 level 15 pokemon. My advice on this gym is too bring 2 very powerful water pokemon who also are quick or they will pay for not having speed My Aerodactyl knows Thunder Fang and my Rampardos can do lethal damage to Starmies with Pursuit and Rock Slide

Grass Gym, 
The Grass gym is slightly easier you need to take down 3 grass pokemon level 25 with your 3 pokemon level 25. But there is a problem you can only use 1 Fire type so I recommend using Flying or Bug which is also super effective I cant recall what pokemon they use but they will try to counter your pokemon with an Earthquake or a Rock Slide

Gym Order:
Rock Level 15, 2 Pokemon
Grass Level 25, 3 Pokemon
Water Level 35, 4 Pokemon
Fire Level 45, 4 Pokemon
Ghost Level 55, 4 Pokemon
Bug Level 65, 5 Pokemon
Electric Level 75, 5 Pokemon
Dragon Level 85, 5 Pokemon

The Elite 4 is only enterable for the players who have Defeated all 8 Gyms the PokeTrainers for the Elite 4 Types go in order like this
Ice: TheProdiGy2121
Fighting: Ahcookieman
Psychic: Tizzletimmz3,
Champion: RulzProductionz, TheProdiGy2121

Free Items or Pokemon
Free Items or Pokemon are only available by Droppartys hosted By Rulz, Tizz, Admins and Myself. Basically a dropparty is where a admin or two are flying around dropping Rare Candys Masterballs Evolution Stones etc or Dropping Shiny pokemon or Legendary Pokemon these only occur once every week - 2 weeks but do not miss them because they are amazing. The only other way to get free items is Kits do /kit to view the available kits you can get. Kit Join is a 1 time thing which grants you 10 Ultraballs but Kit Member is available every 2 days and its grants you
16 Ultraballs
1 Masterball
10 Rare Candys
10 Hyper Potions
1 Exp Share
1 Of every evolution stone
1 New Running Shoes
1 Pokedex
Make sure to do this every 2 day to help you on your Pixelmon Journey.
We also host events whether its a PvP event or a Building Contest make sure to sign up to win Shinys a lot of cash items like masterballs and rare candys or even Ranks. Myself or TheProdiGy2121 will most likely be the people hosting the events.

Getting Bored Of Pixelmon?
Yes even I get bored of Pixelmon sometimes that's why we have Parkour built by myself Osama_General TheProdiGy2121 and EvanTheAssain some are pretty challenging so if you think you got what it takes go ahead. We also cater to people who love PvP as we implemented the KitPvP plugin so do /warp KitPvP choose your kit and go to try and become the best PvPer on the server.

Extra Information
Legendary Pokemon do not spawn on this server so if you want to get your hands on 1 make sure to donate at the donation store you can also buy Ranks Shiny Pokemon like Porygon and In Game Currency.
Owner: RulzProductionz
Co-Owner: Ahcookieman
Developer: tizzletimmz3
Head-Administrator: TheProdiGy2121
Head-Moderator: Reptile27
Moderator: RedZephon123, zerkrx, Yanis
Trial-Moderator: Fr33zingnuk3, kool27, kathan1

I Think I have covered everything possible in this thread it took me 40 Minutes to write this so please show your support on it and tell me in the comments section do you think this will be helpful for newer players. I hope it is and if there is a section I missed out tell me and I will add it
That's All Thank you for Reading I know its quite long but its a guide :d

This Guide was made by Ahcookieman
[T-Mod] Neon_Xephos tmodGumLeader FML is free its basically a mod so you probably know how to install pixelmon do the same for FML (forge mod loader) it d ...
xJosox same problem here
RockStar Hey, im just wondering, it said i dont have "FML" installed, if i have to install it, what URL adress do i ins ...
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