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Thank You

[Owner] Rulz OWNER posted Feb 8, 15

Hey Guy,

Its Rulz here. And yeah I know its been a long time.But I wanted come on here and say Thank You. Thank You so much for all the donations you have been providing. I took a huge leap of faith about 5 months back by paying for 6 months of the server. At that time we barely had $100 to pay for the server but to show my gratitude towards you guys I played the rest of $500 for the server with my own money. After a couple of months I noticed that how big of a dumb thing it was due to the small amount of donations we've been receiving. I mean like 25 bucks a month kinda donations. But I kept my faith and kept supporting the server. But Kathan pushed me to keep it up so I did. But I'm gonna try to keep this short. Thank you every one that helped with the server. And a special thanks to the people that donated. You guys fucking rock. Thanks everyone :) 

[Donar] EvanTheAssasin Donator damn,it's been that long
[Donar] potato_Ss Donator guy I bought rayquaza rank as has delay
[Donar] potato_Ss Donator hi guy I bought rayquaza rank as has delay


[HAdmin] kathan1 H-AdminGymLeaderDonator posted Feb 1, 15

Attention players of Rulzpixelmon we are currently preparing for a host switch which is due on the 16-17 March. There will be a certain amount of downtime which we will inform you about when the time comes. With this host switch we will be getting a better service SO... less lag! (hopefully) and dont worry nobody will lose anything we got all that covered ;) There will be a IP switch so inform everybody on the server about that if they aren't on the forums. We also want our server "to be the very best" (heh see what i done there) so please vote and advertise my second home :D

We are also open for suggestions so anything you would like to be implemented during the host switch we can make it happen :) (just dont ask for pony unless its ponyta of course). Even if you think your ideas are crazy please suggest them they may not be crazy to our crazy bunch. Believe me nothing is crazy for us ;) anyways the more suggestions the better.

Have a good time and go wild ~The Crazy Bunch

~Freezy (Neon_Xephos)

[2015-01-27] Some forum changes

[Dev] bai1 Developer posted Jan 27, 15

Had to make myself temporarily HeadAdmin on forums to post this. Don't worry, I had permission.

I did a little rearrangement of the forums, here's the changes that I made:
- "Congratulate Somebody", "Stories" and "Start a Clan?" moved under the "Off Topic" forum.
- "Troubleshooting" renamed to "Support and Troubleshooting"
- "Server suggestions" and "Website suggestions" merged into "Suggestions"
- "Suggestions", "Report a player", "Ban appeals" and "staff complaints" moved into Support and Troubleshooting.
- "Helper of the month" and "questions" areas deleted.
- "Other issues" forum created in "Support and Troubleshooting"
- Various forum descriptions changed.

If there's any issues with this let me or one of the other staff know and we'll fix it as soon as we can.
Thank you.

[Donar] trdb Donator dragonair buy the kit and says I have the command / fly but I use it in the server and medice do not have permission to ...
EpicGamer Woah great now the forums is now arranged properly xD not as Im saying its not good last time I just wanna say tnx for m ...