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To BerryGum

[Owner] Rulz OWNER posted Sep 30, 14
I owe you an apology for my behavior to you over the past. I've done 
so much for the server and I was just having a bad time been repenting, 
I've been hateful towards you, and the things I have done have been full 
of hatred that I should've been able to contain. My words has been 
shamefully painful to others, and for that, I am very sorry. Unfortunately, 
I’ve been letting my home life get in the way of my word choices. We have 
a great server, and it has been keeping us busy around the clock. I realize that there's no excuse for letting my personal life impact the server like this, though. Starting tomorrow, I promise that things will improve between me and you. We’ve trusted you to keep your promise and I hope you do, and the server is starting a new life that we hope will help it grow, all I ask if to not be hacked anymore.

Thank you for your patience with my apology so far. You've been a pain in my butt, however since this is really a great server to be with, I will apologize for what i had done in the past. I'm very sorry for what happened between us, I hope you can put that behind us and start a new friendship between us. Since I am gay (for you), I hope that you can forgive my poor apology skills and allow me to apologize to you with great difficulty). I know all the trouble I have caused you and hope you can forgive me.


[Admin] kathan1 AdminGumLeaderDonatoro All I have to say is, Rulz, this was really brave of you we all know you hate writing apologies, however for the sake o ...
CoolGabe484 FYI i want a apology from him for favoritism for me getting demoted btw Jk about boom goes the Console Just had to But ...
CoolGabe484 GREAT NOW GET TAC0 BEFORE YOUR SERVER GOOOES BOOOM! -No hard feelings hehe..
Hey guys its Cookie with a announcement about the Donation Store and how it will work and basically how it will work.

Item Variety
We still have legendary Pokemon and legendary packs and singular legendarys like Mew, Mewtwo, Groudon and all of the others. We still have all the ranks like Ace, Elite, Omega, Mewtwo and others. In Game Currency is still going i may add more packs since there are only 5 packs currently. The shiny Pokemon and Item Packs i added are still going with more being added in the future.

New Items
Prodigy has added some new items like buying commands like /hat and /nick and custom prefixes and suffixes and stuff like that. Now Prodigy has also added a 2 new items which are Normal Pokemon covert to shiny pokemon but wont work on legends there is a different pack for the legendary change.

Credit Points
I myself have also done work on the Donation Store and decided to bring back Credit Points there is free ways and now you can buy credit points now ill explain more but firstly how to gain FREE credit points. Firstly you can vote for a certain amount of points Prodigy and Bai are working on that. Now items like Legendarys, Ranks, I.G.C and Shiny Pokemon will only be purchased with points. That is why for real money you can buy bundles of Credit points the more you buy you get Bonus points so 100 points is $1 so we have made 10,000 points 80$ our best deal so the more you buy you can earn bonus points.

Real Life Money Except Points?
Yes you can buy the Normal to shiny Pokemon conversions for real money. Certain commands and prefixes, suffixes and nicknames can be bought for real money aswell.

A thanks to TheProdigy2121 for also giving the items new images and they look fresh and sharp as ever i cant wait for you guys to see.

Thanks to Myself and a HUGE Thanks to Prodigy and help from Bai with voting we have almost got the new Donation Store ready hopefully better to benefit us and you guys once its up we would like to hear feedback from you guys.

Thanks for reading ~Ahhcookieman~

New Application System

[Owner] Ahhcookieman OWNERElite4 posted Oct 18, 14
Hey guys its Cookie here with some news about the website and more about the new application system.

Applications Open
Firstly i will state that shortly after this news post Helper and Staff Applications (Trial Moderator) sections will be open to apply in so good luck too all applicants :D.

New Application Format
I have also changed the application format more suitable to the role that you apply for.

Example Applications
I have also added new sections to the applications Good and Bad Example Applications i would recommend checking them on how to make a good application and how to avoid making a bad application.

I have completely cleared out the forums because of too many threads placed in the incorrect forum and it would be alot quicker to just remove them which i have done and since the server starts afresh i thought why not the forums start afresh too so thats what i have done. While on the subject i will be doing Cookies Story again so look forward to that :).

Well theres a update about the forums and thanks for reading
[Admin] kathan1 AdminGumLeaderDonatoro I am no longer Forum post master. I HAVE DISGRACED MY FAMILY. eh anyways, i think MOST of these changes are great and wi ...
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