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Save Our Site!!!!

[COwner] Ahhcookieman CoOwnerElite4 posted Fri at 10:56

Hey guys its Cookie with some news to inform you with. Basically since we payed for 6 months and with no donation shop (I will try to work on soon) we have no money to pay for the website so whoever donates to the website will be rewarded on the server

1-10 Days Prize: Legendary of your choice

11-20 Days Prize: Shiny legendary of you choice and full diamond tools and armor.

21-30 Days Prize: 3 Shiny Pokémon 2 shiny Legendarys and full diamond armor and tools.

31+ Days Prize: 5 Shiny Pokémon 3 Shiny Legendarys full diamond armor/tools and 10 Obsidian

Please save our site and just remember these offers are brilliant since its only $8.95 for 30 Days.

To add Days to the site just go down to the bottom of the HomePage and see where it says Donate To Fund The Site.

Thanks for reading ~Ahhcookieman~

[Donar] GmanGameZ Donator me and my friends got u time so u guys start paying soon
quen28 i need to know more i dont understand what you mean by 1-10days and so on
[Donar] GmanGameZ Donator explain more please how do we get the rewards?


[COwner] Ahhcookieman CoOwnerElite4 posted Wed at 12:51


Hey guys its Cookie here with some exciting news :D.

We have finished building the map worldguarding everything and adding plugins etc. But I need to do a little more server file editing which wont take long and too backup the map (Wont take long) so here im going to say whats changed.

Mcmmo - Yea this fun and beast plugin we have added since we have changed to survival so you can become better at many skills.

GriefPrevention - This is the main plugin added in because this is the plugin you will use to protect your houses remember griefing is allowed if you don't protect your stuff ;).

Custom Shop Plugin - Our very own developer Tizz had the /star plugin but unfortunately we have removed it for 2 reasons: 1. You could craft beacons with it 2. You couldn't edit your armor.

Other small plugins for member safety and for fair play have been added like so if you are pvp tagged and you log out you die and lose your loot so don't do it also if a Staff/GymLeader tries to attack you in GMC or is Flying then he cannot hurt you.

Player Vaults - These have been removed and too level it we also reset your player.dat since you lost player vaults and your houses in the town.

Pokémon - Now this is probably the biggest statement at this time the poll is tied with 42% for each argument and aslong as we don't frequently crash or the poll doesent change drastically then you can keep your pokemon but if the server crashes often or a lot of bugs are being reported then I will reset them.

So yea it hasn't just been me who has done all this below I will list the members of staff who have helped no matter how large or small they have done so thank these staff whenever you see them:

Ahhcookieman, TheProdiGy2121, Reptile27, kathan1, dileter, jake612536373, bai1, Neon_Xephos (Freezy) and Reeniebean so thanks to them for their hard work.

ENJOY THE SERVER :D ~Ahhcookieman~

_Skera_ remove the pvp it SUCKS!! >:(( or at least make keepInventory
[Help] SuperPotato (batato)(cosmos) Helper ummm its whitelisted and i cant wait for it to not be white listed ...

Hey guys its Cookie with some pretty big news and a massive change for the server. Myself Rulz Prodigy and other staff have agreed that a change is needed so we are going to change from adventure to survival!

So I can build now?

Yes in the areas permitted to build around gyms and town no because they will be worldguarded but in the areas yea build a house anything and put your chests in and stuff like that.

Pokémon? Items?

Well its up too you on the polls you can vote whether you want to start again or keep your Pokémon BUT if you want to keep them it is not 100% guaranteed I will be able to transfer that many files personally with it being a new server I would start again and it would only get the server going quicker. Also the items you guys might have left badges in chests which will be gone another reason to start over and you can still get the Shiny Starters so take all of that into account.

If we start again what happens to my donated stuff?

We will refund the donars to what they donated for.

Gym Leaders and Helpers?

We are unsure but we are thinking of re-shuffling the gym leaders since a lot of left some are way too inactive or their is 3 for ground gym and 1 for water the gym order will stay the same.

Why are we making this change?

Well nowadays Adventure pixelmon isn't that fun and a lot of people ask can I build so we can increase popularity and personally I think it would be a lot better and more fun.

Let me know what you think of this change and don't forget to vote on the poll which can be found under server status on the home page.

Thanks for reading ~Ahhcookieman~

Because of school and other occupations this change will take time so please be patient.

Amber im not sure how to get in the server can i get some help?
klsfuru add me on the whitelist klsfuru
[Mod] Neon_Xephos modGumLeaderDonator All questions will be answered shortly with a new FAQ.
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